Ventsislav Stoev

Dentist and a Clinical Psychologist


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Dr. Stoev is graduated in 1998 in the Basic Hypnosis Course of Study of Ivo Velichkov and Milen Nikolov as well as in 2011 in 3-module course in London of Dr. Rumyana Peynovska, hypnoterapist in London and have European certificate.

He applies hypnosis in his practice to patients with dental phobias of different severity and aspect. It is related to the application of Ericksonian and directive hypnosis depending on the concrete indications of the patient. Other applications of the hypnoanesthesia are used for anaesthetization under hypnosis as well as for treatment of bad habits and dependencies such as smoking, bulimia and anorexia.

He is a founder and a member of the Bulgarian Hypnosis Association and the Bulgarian association of clinical communication and hypnosis as well as of the Hypnosis Department of the Royal Society of Medicine UK, London.







Dr. Stoev was graduated in the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Philosophy, having Master’s in Clinical and Consultative Psychology.

Currently, he is elaborating a thesis of “Coping strategies to overcome the patients’ fear of dental treatment” Dr. Stoev has been a lecturers in workshops held in Bulgaria since 2006, in Russia (Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Perm) since 2009 and in Latvia (Riga) since 2015 on topics, related to the personal psychology, characterology, team-working, effective communication with patients and management for dentists, nurses, dental assistants and managers of dental practices.

He is an author of two books „Physiological approach of the dentist to the patient“ from 2005 and “Clinical communication” from 2010.

Dr. Ventsislav Stoev is graduated in Dental Faculty of the Medical Academy in Sofia in 1981. He is the first dentist in Bulgaria postgraduated in Clinical and Consultative Psychology in 2001 and with masters in Clinical Psychology in Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski in 2005.

He is a founder and lecturer in the Management and Communication Center „Ictus” since 2007 and in cooperation with professional training center Hippocrates, which organizes in Bulgaria and in Russia lectures and workshops in personal psychology, team working, effective communication with patient and management of clinical practice for doctors, dentists, nurses, dental assistants and managers of clinical practices. He is an author of the books „Psychological approach of the dentist to the patient”, 2005 and „Clinical communication”, 2010.

He is a collaborator of a number of specialized editions, such as „Dentistry world”, “Dental Tribune”, „Infodent” etc. Also, he is a member of Bulgarian Dentist Association, Bulgarian Endodontic society, Association of Cognitive Psychology, founder and member of the Bulgarian Hypnosis Association. Member of Royal Society of Medicine – UK.


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16 Bacho Kiro Str.
Sofia 1000
+359 470 16 16

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