Excellent dental health starts with prophylactics

Excellent dental health starts with prophylactics

Dr. Ventsislav Stoev is the only dentist in Bulgaria with a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. In his practice in the dental clinic Apollonia he uses unconventional treatment methods, including various forms of hypnosis. He is also a president of the Association of Bulgarian Dentists, a voluntary group of dental practitioners and clinics in Bulgaria.

How important do you consider prevention and prophylactic examinations to be?

Prophylactics is vital in dental medicine and this is something that good dentists understand very well. With care and diligence, we would not have to treat many problems, and no teeth would have to be extracted. In the clinic we have about 1,500 regular clients and they visit each six months for a free prophylactic examination. The nurse would call them to remind them close to the date. This practice is applied by most of the members of the Association of Bulgarian Dentists, which unites professionals working by the highest European standards. Running our own programme for prophylactics, it is very pleasant to have a patient that you have been seeing for 20 years come to you and there is nothing to treat, you just chat a little and off she goes – until the next appointment. This is the satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing good work.

What would you recommend as measures for good dental health?

Things are simple and they start with proper education and training for the children. I had the chance to see how dentists in Denmark taught children to clean their teeth properly. Each morning, the child would come to school fresh from home, and be given a plaque-colouring sweet to suck. Th e dentist or nurse would then mark the results on a picture of a wide smile, so that the parents can see it later and instruct their child how to brush his or her teeth better in the form of a
Dr Ventsislav Stoev Excellent dental health starts with prophylactics
game. This is something that everyone can do, children and adults alike – such dental sweets are sold in the pharmacies. The rest requires only mineral water and good care, as well as regular examinations by the dentists. This guarantees excellent dental health, especially when starting from an early age.

Do your patients come from Bulgaria only?

No, there are many foreigners, who come to Bulgaria for their dental care, since prices are several times lower with the quality being just as high. Now they are aided by the Bulgarian Health Tourism Cluster, which unites ten dental clinics throughout the country, tour operators, a bank and an insurance company. Th e clinics are certifi ed according to ISO 9001:2008, which shows that they function to European standards. Th is includes informed consent for the patient, contemporary technologies, CE standards for the equipment and so on. We also developed an insurance product that covers possible complications aft er treatment – in case the patient comes from an EU country outside Bulgaria, he or she can directly choose the clinic and the insurance scheme. Should complications arise, in a certain period aft er treatment and aft er the patient returns home, the expenses will be covered by the insurer.
I think that the possibilities for dental tourism in Bulgaria are great. While for the time being the country is a blank spot on the map, so to speak, when working together, we can provide quality service and the patients can benefi t. Within the Cluster, the tour operators arrange the stays and fl ights, and the dentists do what they know best. Th us, the foreign patient has saved a lot of money, seen the beauty and nature of Bulgaria fi rst-hand, and got the necessary dental treatment.

Interview with Dr. Stoev for “Vagabond”